My friend came over to watch the match with me since our teams were playing each other. For weeks we had been bantering back and forth about this game and how our respected team would destroy the other. My wife who had been out shopping came home, saw the score and started giving my friend a hard time about losing. He said the game wasn’t over and if she was so sure of herself to make a bet with him. She agreed and said “When” our team win he would have to let us use his motor home on the beach for a week, He said that was a really steep bet and she asked what he wanted in return. He shocked both of us when he said he wanted my wife all to himself as his sex slave for an entire weekend if his team won. I was shocked at this request and couldn’t believe my friend of over 10 years, the best man in our wedding had just said that. San thought about it and was convinced our team would win I started to say something when she said, “Don’t worry; there’s no way his team is coming back”. Well, were we ever wrong. They won 3 – 2 San tried to get out of it saying we were just joking around, but he said a bet is a bet and instructed me to drop her off at 5pm that Friday and he’d return her to me at 7pm Sunday night.
That week was a blur. We both worked our regular hours except for Friday david left work at noon. I had been emailing with my friend all week trying to get out of it and he said there was no way he was backing out. I told him there were rules that he needed to follow since this was my wife we were talking about and he told me that the only rules would be his and she would be following them. On my way home from work I stopped and bought condoms, lube and spermicide for them not trusting that he would. I packed them in the bag for her and promptly at 5pm we pulled up to his house.
We both got out of the car and went up to the door. He answered it and gave San a big hug and told her to go on in I started to go in and he said the weekend had begun and I wasn’t invited in. He also asked that I not call or drive by that she was his for the weekend and he’d drop her off as scheduled on Sunday. I tried to give her a kiss goodbye, but she was already inside and he closed the door.
I drove home in a daze thinking about what I had just done. I had just left my wife with my best friend for the weekend to do with as he pleased. I hardly slept that night wondering what all was going on. I spent Saturday doing the normal yard work and cleaning the house as if nothing was going on. When Sunday came around it was if time stood still until 7pm.
At 7pm sharp my friend pulled up. I went out to meet them and saw him giving her a passionate kiss goodbye. He waved as she got out of the car and took off. After we were in the house the first thing I noticed was her hair was styled differently. He had cut her long hair into an almost mod cut that I honestly liked. I also noticed that the clothes she was wearing I had never seen before. She had on a low cut top that clearly showed off her tits and a short skirt. I immediately asked what all had happened and she said she was exhausted and wanted to take a shower first. I followed her up to our room where I watched her undress. What I saw next shocked me and caught me off guard. When she removed her skirt she wasn’t wearing panties and her once full bush of pubic hair was gone leaving her completely shaved bald. I asked her what happened to her pubic hair and she said she would tell me after the shower.
After her shower we sat down and she proceeded to tell me about the entire weekend. She said after I left he told her that she was to follow all of his rules without question. She said the first thing he did was have her strip naked for him so he could see the body he told her he had masturbated thinking about for several days Once naked she said he took several pictures of her in different poses. She said he took pictures of her ass and her holding her ass open and bent over showing both her ass and pussy. She said he also took pictures of her tits and pussy with her holding it open so he could clearly see her vagina. She said when he was done taking pictures he told her to suck his cock for him. She said he had a nice cock about the same as mine, but a little thicker and sucked on it until he came in her mouth. She said she swallowed his load and then was told to get ready for the night. What she didn’t know is that about 5 of our male friends whom we knew very well and are married to some of her friends were coming over.
When they all arrived i was told she would be their waitress, but would be nude. She said she tried to put up an argument since this was supposed to be just them, but he said he never said that and she was to follow his rules. She told me how embarrassed she was parading around nude in front of all of our friends and how they kept making comments about her tits, her small ass and her hairy pussy. She said at some point one of our friends said he couldn’t believe how hairy she was and that’s when our friend she lost the bet to suggested they shave her. She said she tried to talk them out of it since she had never shaved before, but was reminded of the rules. She said they laid her down on his kitchen table, took scissors and trimmed the hair short and took turns removing her pubic hair until she was completely bald. She said several of them took pictures of her also and didn’t know what all pics of her were now out there. She said after they finished she was told to service all of them. She said she didn’t know exactly what that meant, but for the next 6 hours was gang banged by our friends getting all of her holes filled. I sat in shock hearing about this and then she dropped the bomb on me. She informed me that all of it was bareback and she didn’t know how much sperm had been shot in and on her.
She said they finally let her go to sleep and when she woke up she still had sperm leaking out of her ass and vagina and had sperm dried on her tits, face and in her hair. She said before she was allowed to clean herself up our friend took more pictures of her in that slutty state. She told me her pussy was really sore, but she still got fucked several times that day by our friend. I asked her if she got copies of the pictures and she said she didn’t She also told me the pubic hair that they cut off he had put in a baggie to keep as well. I asked if she was alright and she said she was sore and happy she done it We’re still close friends I’ve asked to see the pics, but he said he’s not ready to show them to me yet. On an up note, san now swallows my sperm and keeps her pussy either well trimmed or shaved bald. What an experience!!


6 thoughts on “Bet

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  2. I am absolutely speechless. I would love to hear this from her side. I hold no judgment and absolutely no verdict. I’m just unsure if this is super hot or if it crosses a line somewhere. I suppose how she (and you) feel about it ultimately is the only deciding factor.


    1. We have always shared each other for many years the one thing we we do have is trust we tell each other every thing doesn’t matter how big or small he has his moments with the lady’s some times I get jealous other times I laugh it off life is for living lots of are friend can’t be leave we’re still together but hey 40 year not bad going


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